I'm software developer from Mölndal, Sweden.



Here's some info about me and what I do.

I was born in 1984 and I live on the countryside just outside Gothenburg with my partner and two adorable siberian cats. I've always been a quite creative person with a weak heart for computer games and fantasy.

I am currently employed on Insert Coin AB as a software developer since 2017. I work mainly with developing Applications for Android and iOS. As a programmer my work includes both development on frontend as well as database and on the serverside. My main skills are C# and Unity 3D but I also have good knowledge of developing REST-API with Node.js, Express and MySQL.

Prior to my employment I graduated from a two-year vocational education at a gamedevelopers-program on Folkuniversitetet in Skövde, my focus of studies was towards gamedesign and scripting with a strong emphasis on the latter.

On my spare time I like to play games, mostly RPG and FPS, and on occasional weekends boardgames with some friends. Over the years I developed an interest in angling and kayaking, I love being outdoors and I think it's a great supplement to work and gaming.

As a person I'm very positive, the kind who sees possibilities before obstacles. I always strive to learn and I'm never afraid to try something new. I enjoy working as a part of a team but I'm also selfgoing and responsible as well. I'm more of a listener than talker.